How can The Grow Model help achieve your goals?

Mónica Rodrigues
3 min readMar 20, 2020

Nowadays in our work, we have a lot of different problems such as external dependencies, difficult people, conflicts, a struggle to define our goals and the means to achieve them.

In this article, I will show you a tool that you can use on a daily basis to solve problems and will give you some practical examples that I’m using. The tool that I’m talking about is “The GROW Model”. You can see a lot of information on the Internet about this topic, so I will focus on practical examples that I have used to define my goals.

Imagine that you want to improve your English speaking ability, so you ask yourself, “How can I work on this? What do I need to do to improve my English? What is my goal? Where do I want to go?”

How can The Grow Model help to answer this? Let’s see in the following example:

Goals: What is your goal?

Improve English speaking

Reality: What is your reality at this moment? For example, what is your level?

I’m at the Intermediate level.

When you define your reality, sometimes you go back and rewrite the goal and turn it into a specific thing like “Progress to an Advanced Level,” so let’s start to write small goals and less general ones. Another day you can write a goal like “To be fluent in English”.

Options: Which options do you have available at this moment?

  • I have access to the Voxy application;
  • I have a budget to take an English course;
  • I have colleagues that don’t speak my own language that is Portuguese, so taking a coffee with him can be a good way to practice your English;

Don’t forget that in this step, you need to understand which available options do you have in place. Sometimes the company that you work for doesn’t have a way to provide the options you are seeking, so talk with your leader about it first. Ensure that you have conditions for them.

Will: What will you do? You need to be very specific here.

The goal of this step is to put your actions in motion to achieve your goal.

  • At least 1 private class per week using Voxy Application – 30 minutes
  • At least 15 activities on Voxy Application per month
  • Write at least 1 article every 3 months (4 articles per year)
  • Present 2 webcasts

After that, start doing it!

Wrapping up

This is the way how you can structure your goals. Remember that you always need to divide your major goal into smaller goals.

To help you achieve this, schedule in your calendar some slots. You need to be determined and don’t quit 😁 I started recently doing this and I guess is going well for now. In the near future, I can share with you another article with the result of this.

Thank you for your attention and see you soon.



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